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By Peter Austin

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By Peter Austin

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6). There are morphophonemic rules which operate upon VCV morphemes to derive the usual CV(C) syllable types. 1. 1 Root vowel replacement. 7) gives rise to an alternation in the final vowel of the stem to which it is suffixed. Consider the forms: root root-prol Chapter 2 Phonology 37 ‘to emerge’ ‘to stand’ durnka tharka durnkinga tharkinga ‘to get’ ‘to run’ mani mindri maninga mindringa ‘to dig’ paku pakinga The prolative form can be derived in one of two ways: (a) we can set up the suffix as -nga and have a rule which converts final vowels to i before it (applying vacuously to roots ending in i).

46 Chapter 3 Morphology Two interjections are phonotactically unusual in that they begin with a vowel (cf. 2), namely arru ‘hello’ (a greeting) and ayi ‘hey’ (a call for attention). There is a third interjection which is phonologically deviant, both in beginning with a vowel and also in containing a glottal stop found nowhere else in the language. ayi ‘no, that is not correct’. 5 will not apply to these interjections. e. ayi [ˈʌɁˈʌi]. Other interjections recorded are: kapawu ‘look out’ — an expression of imminent danger kaparrawu ‘come here’, ‘hurry up’ kawu ‘yes’ — examples in Text 1, lines 66 and 98.

Samuel Gason’s 1874 materials on Diyari contain verb forms that he recorded with the auxiliary verb phonetically attached to the participial form, eg. athooyoralauni ‘I will love’ for ngathu yuralha nganayi. The same long vowel occurs in fast speech arising from two sources. 3) the initial velar nasal of -nganka- ‘caus’ may be deleted to give a long vowel, if the root ends in a, or a vowel sequence, as in: 42 Chapter 2 Phonology ‘makes sleep’ mukangankayi becoming [mukʌ:nkɛi] ‘makes dead’ ‘makes blind’ nharingankayi putyungankayi becoming becoming [ṉʌɾiʌnkɛi] [puʧuʌnkɛi] Secondly, the intervocalic y of the interrogative nominals based on wardayarri ‘where’ can be deleted in fast speech giving phonetic [wɒɖʌ:ɾi], as in ‘where from’ wardayarrindru becoming [wɒɖʌ:ɾindru].

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